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Geoffrey holds meditation classes in  London, at the college of Psychic Studies (02075893292) He also offers psychic development classes as well as tarot tuition. Please contact Geoffrey for details about classes and workshops.

Lunchtime Meditation  ( College of Psychic Studies)
Monday and Friday 12.30 - 1.30

This course focuses on enhancing a meditative practice by exploring contemporary approachesto the art of meditation. You will be encouraged to build up a core practice using a more gentle and natural approach to ultimately access the stillness within you. we will explore various contemporary approaches, such as true meditation, awakening kundalini, understanding thoughts as part of the meditative process ans radical and open-hearted awareness to help you build a moe comfortable relationship with your inner self. This course will help create a working and understandable meditative practice that is easier for you to use when you are at home.
. FRIDAY 6:30 -- 8:00 pm 8 WEEKS
£130 Members/160 Non-members

Simply Psychic Development
This course focuses purely on psychic development.

This course focuses purely on psychic development.
You will learn to:
Access and begin to understand your psychic ability
Meditate to enhance your psychic development
Ground yourself, understanding protection and why it matters
The importance of opening up to work psychically
The importance of closing down after working psychically
Understand clairsentience, clairaudience and clairvoyance
Understand the way you receive psychic information
Know what to expect when asking for psychic information
Interpret psychic information
What symbolic information means and how to interpret it
The purpose of psychic development
Use oracle cards and personal items such as jewellery as a focus
Do small readings for yourself and others
Ethics and the responsibility of sharing psychic information
Build up confidence in your psychic abilities
This course will help you to develop your psychic abilities which can further enhance your own life as well as the well-being of others.
Monday: 2pm -4pm

 £180 (non-members £210)  College of Psychic Studies, London.

Developing psychic Skills To Do Readings

This course is aimed at students with a good working knowledge of psychic ability who now wish to develop their skills to do psychic readings.
You will learn to:
Deepen and expand your psychic abilities
Deepen your relationship with yourself through your own intuitive understanding
Weave psychic information into a comprehensive whole, a story, to make the reading more accessible and memorable for the client
Understand your relationship with the client when giving a reading
Create a harmonious connection which puts the client at ease
Understand how that energy connection contributes to a memorable reading
Explore the use of oracle cards, personal and other objects to elicit more complex information
Understand the relevance of intuited information
Communicate information in an understandable and compassionate manner
The importance of boundaries and ethics
This course will deepen your trust in spirit and your relationship with your psychic abilities and encourage and guide you towards professional ability and practice in giving psychic readings.

Friday: 2:30pm -4:30pm 

01892 543046

 . ghbshensidhe@btinternet.com