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Psychic Consultations

Geoffrey Beitz is a professional psychic medium, who offers psychic consultations in London at the College of Psychic Studies (Mondays and Fridays-02075893292) and in Tunbridge Wells, West Kent on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursdays and 
Saturdays (01892 543046/07947115406).NOT DOING ANY READINGS AT THE PRESENT TIME. 
“I work spontaneously seeking inspiration and guidance from Spirit, which may be relevant and significant for the sitter. I offer a spiritual and healing approach that seeks deeper understanding and finally meaning which may then  contribute towards self-realisation, as well communication from Spirit.”

For Reflection, for those moments when we find ourselves standing fearful in our own vulnerability:
"We must be alone if we are to find out what it is that supports us, when we can no longer support ourselves. Only this experience can give us an indestructible foundation, finding what supports you from within will link you to transcendence, reframe the perspectives received from your history, and provide an agenda of growth, purpose and meaning that we are all meant to carry into the world and to share with others. The soul asks each of us that we live a larger life. Each day this summons is renewed and leaves you, unspeakably, to sort out your life, with its fearsome immensities,so that, now boundaried, now limitless,
it transforms itself as stone in you and star."